Tips for Relaxing on Your Wedding Day

January 20, 2019


I think everyone experiences a healthy dose of stress, anxiety and jitters on their wedding day. In order to keep your stress-level at bay and stay present during the day try out these tips for relaxing on your wedding day. Just remember that your wedding day is going to speed by in a flash and you don’t want to miss one moment of it.


  1. Exercise as soon as you wake up. I didn’t get to do this on my wedding day as I had planned for but the day of my bachelorette party my MOH and I took a short run and it totally set the pace for the day. If you are a regular exerciser just decide if you want to incorporate a little light exercise or walk before the marathon ahead of you. Or give yourself the day off. It is your choice, that’s the point.

  2. Grant yourself a long shower. I know I was super anxious to begin crossing things off my wedding day timeline from the moment I jumped out of bed, but if I could go back I would take the longest, hottest, most indulgent shower that morning. Because this may be your only moment alone.

  3. Eat a protein-rich breakfast. You may also forget to eat throughout the day or be too jittery so make sure the day’s most important meal is a good one. Load up on protein to keep you going and skip the white carbs; yeah I know how tempting those pastries look.

  4. Chug some water. It can be hard to remember to drink water on your wedding day between all of the to-dos, excitement, photos and conversations. So to stay hydrated, every time you drink water, whether a glass or a sip, drink double or triple right then. Your body and your hangover the next day will thank you. Plus your skin will look even fresher.

  5. Take 3-5 big deep breaths. Or meditate for 3-5 minutes. Whenever you feel the weight of a stressing moment creep up on you, just stop for 3-5 deep breaths. Those emotions that pop up will start to fade out and you will be able to address whatever it is right after with a clearer head. If you have a meditation practice then make sure to schedule time in the day to keep it. This goes for anyone as well, not just the bride!

  6. Give logistics questions to someone else to resolve. There will be questions that need answers and snags that need resolutions throughout the day. Send these to someone you trust to deal with. Don’t let them clutter your mind, raise your heart rate or distract you for one minute of this super amazing, magical day.

  7. Stay in comfy clothes. I know as soon as I got in my dress there was that immediate moment of “Shit just got real” panic. So stay in your comfy clothes as long as you can, so you can stay relaxed.

  8. A little liquid courage but not too much. Drinking before your wedding ceremony is totally okay in my book, just don’t overdo it. Make sure it’s celebratory and not purely downed to calm those nerves. You want to be your best self when you walk down the aisle and you don’t want any of your senses dulled.

  9. Text your husband or wife to be for reassurance. This person you are about to marry knows you best and they know just what to say when you need it most. It’s okay to rely on them to calm your nerves, reassure you, or distract you.

  10. Be honest with yourself and the people around you. But don’t be bitchy. Everyone around you truthfully wants you to have the best wedding day possible so be kind and gracious with them in exchange for their support. If you are feeling overwhelmed, need some time alone, need the music turned down, whatever, just tell them. But be kind and don’t do the bridezilla thing and squander the excitement of the day.

  11. Be careful with overwhelming scents and activity that could give you a headache. I’m extremely sensitive to sounds and smells. And on wedding days there is more hairspray and perfume in the air then you’d think chemically possible. Just be careful breathing that all in so you can avoid a headache.

  12. Keep the room a good temperature. If you are hot or cold do something about it. Keep the room the temperature you need to stay calm and steady.

  13. Give yourself 10 minutes alone. Stop hosting. I know you feel like you are hosting this big event for all these people but you are also the celebrity guest. Can you find a way to escape the crowd even just for 10 minutes and turn off the hostess with the mostess mindset.

  14. Take a few selfies with your crew or have an Instax on hand for even more fun. Break up the waiting and make sure to capture some candids with your friends. And polaroids are way fun. I don’t care who you are.

  15. Check your self-talk. Are you being nice to yourself? Today no one gets to be mean or degrading to you, and that includes yourself. Quit saying mean things about your body or that pimple that might be coming in. This is your wedding day, my friend. Keep all thoughts positive and energetic.

  16. Crank up the music and literally shake out the nerves. Haven’t you seen Meredith and Christina do this countless times on Grey’s?

  17. Invite the relaxation specialists. If you have the means and the time, invite a massage therapist to be part of your morning prep time. See what your venue or hotel may suggest to make your wedding day relaxing and blissful.

  18. Bring an aromatherapy diffuser. I just got one of these and now I’m a believer. Pump in some calming lavender, chamomile or ylang ylang and let the effect take ahold of you.


Okay what did I miss?! Share in the comments your relaxation tips. Can't wait to hear!




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