30 Super Simple Eco-conscious Changes To Start This Month

January 6, 2019


January is a month for change. We’ve left the holiday haze. We’re buzzing with adrenaline to push ourselves for a better year. And we’re eager to cross off a resolution or to-do before we get distracted or dissuaded by life. So for all you list-tacklers, do-gooders, and feel-good junkies, let’s start by putting to practice these 30 super easy eco-conscious changes this month to give the planet the attention it deserves. Maybe if we all adopted these changes we could delay the inevitable just a little longer, and show Mother Earth that we love her and appreciate her.


  1. Use bar soap instead of shower gel

  2. Unplug when you aren’t using power

  3. Tour the house to turn off lights

  4. Take a few less minutes in the shower

  5. Eat one less meaty meal

  6. Say no to plastic

  7. Make homemade doggie treats

  8. Grow your own herbs

  9. Fix your running toilet

  10. Switch to eco-conscious brands for house products

  11. And for beauty products

  12. Stop using plastic tampon applicators

  13. Video call more

  14. Soak your dishes

  15. Air-dry more frequently

  16. Quit a bad habit

  17. Switch to reusable bags for produce too

  18. Buy from the bulk bins

  19. Get some wool dryer balls

  20. Go paperless for your bills

  21. Opt out of direct mail

  22. Recycle even smarter

  23. Compost if you can

  24. Plant trees

  25. Double check your consumption

  26. Pledge to support businesses and products that actually care about the environment

  27. Walk somewhere instead of driving once a week

  28. Host a clothing swap with your girlfriends

  29. Get over needing a straw

  30. Bring your own coffee mug


What changes should we add to the list? Do you think if we all do a little more of this, we'll be able to save the planet?




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