May 9, 2018

With my move to Philadelphia I’m relaunching my photography business Lauren Hanson Photography as Citizen Photography. I've been a wedding and lifestyle photographer on the side for the last two(+) years. And I discovered in this work that the wedding industry and this business I was pouring myself into didn’t quite align with my personal values.


Did you know that the national average cost of a wedding last year was $33,391?! Whoa, that just doesn’t sit well with me. Can you imagine how far those same dollars could go to a charity or organization putting it to use for someone in need?


However, I’m a realist and I wanted a fancy, perfect wedding day with all of the bells and whistles just like you. So I started searching for a way to change things. 


Inspired by my own wedding planning, I wanted to be smarter about choosing products that cared about the world without compromising on style. And working with vendors that shared these same values and made their own pledges to give back. But wedding planning is hard y’all and there are sooo many choices and I know that feeling well where you want to do the right thing, but it’s oh-so-much-easier alternative is just to order it on Prime.


So how about this, let’s start with your photography and then let’s chat about other ways to give beyond. I want to get to know the same companies and products that you are working with for your wedding so that we can promote all the good that can come out of your even more special wedding day. 


And truth be told, I just can’t bring myself to write any more blog posts on choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle when it doesn't speak to my heart or tell anything about my own story and values.


If any of this sounds cool to you, let’s chat and see if we would be the right fit. While I’m not a full service wedding planner by any stretch, I’m here to help in whatever ways I can. Because my bottom line is about making your day memorable and filled with joy, while doing my part to make the world a little bit brighter each day.


with love,


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