Own Your Awesomeness


girls attend camp in 2017

$375 original cost of camp per girl

>80% girls received financial aid

18 unique zip codes represented

164 cups of rice cooked last summer for healthy, fresh lunches

9 touchdowns scored per week

1 visit to City Hall per week

Own Your Awesomeness promotes the empowerment of high school girls through summer camps and year-round workshops.  Led by strong female mentors and through a variety of skill-building workshops, OYA coaches young women to be more confident and courageous and to activate their infinite potential.  OYA builds a network of women owning their awesomeness.


Our vision is for each girl to develop a deeper sense of herself, her strengths, and her leadership abilities. Each girl learns new physical, mental, and emotional skills to help her be the best version of herself.


At OYA summer camps, girls learn lots of new skills: how to use power tools, hammers, and screwdrivers; how to check under the hood of a car and change a tire; and how to make a budget and understand basic finances. Everyone should know these things, but often girls are left out of these learning opportunities. Knowing more skills makes everyone feel a little stronger!


Girls also participate in conversations that engage them in their understanding of self and society: body image; women’s representation in the media; self-love; expectations and stereotypes; healthy relationships; women’s history; intersectionality; and women’s health.  These conversations give them perspectives and insights that serve as tools for making informed, meaningful change in their lives and in the world.


And of course, there’s traditional fun and activities! Girls go on a scavenger hunt around center city Philadelphia; visit City Hall to talk with a councilwoman; do yoga; play football in the park; practice self-defense; cook lunch and bake banana bread; make a journal and create art; and have an impromptu karaoke or dance party!


Own Your Awesomeness is about embracing what is already awesome about each girl and then giving her more to feel awesome about. Here’s to girls who discover and own just how awesome they are!



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