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Hey there! I’m Lauren. I started my photography business to add a little more goodness in my life. I was feeling uninspired by the life I had worked so hard to gain. I felt reckless and restless. And then photography gave me this blessing, an outlet for all of my anxiety, self-pressure, doubt. A way to meet amazing people, see new places, create and see beauty, be a part of something bigger.  

And I started to feel good again.

Now a few years in, I realize that there’s something more that needs to come from this work I’m doing. Some more goodness I guess you could say. I started to pick up on this itch I had that all these weddings and this business I was pouring myself into didn’t quite align with my personal values. Because let’s be real, the wedding and photography industries can be so darn extravagant and it just never sat well with me. So I started searching for a way to change.



A way to connect your wedding or photo session to the bigger picture.

-- 20% of your booking will be given to a cause partner of your choice --
-- 10% of all print sales each month will go to a local project --

-- special events and products that give back just because --

-- for my wedding couples, all kinds of help to add even more meaning to your unbelievably special wedding day --
-- and for business owners, mentoring sessions to incorporate giving back into your business --


I can’t wait for this new chapter and the beginning of Citizen Photography. It’s got me up all night buzzing with ideas and jumping to start each new day. If you are interested in joining me on this journey please reach out. Nothing about my photography is changing (which is why I hope you are here!) but now my camera is going to have a little more impact. 

Read more about Citizen's current Cause Partnerships and Photography Services


I've got a ginormous, hugemongus, gargantuan goal for my first year...Are you ready for it?

To give away $20,000 of my profits to charitable partners and projects that make the world a better and brighter place. I'll keep tracking our progress here but don't forget to sign up for my newsletter below to get updates on how my amazing clients are making a difference. 


In addition to cash donations, I host photography fundraisers to raise funds, awareness and gather in-kind donations; and I give free photography to nonprofits when I can. If you are interested in working together, shoot me an email, I'd love to know more. 


859.559.3360 | Philadelphia, PA

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